photo-2Let’s look at meditation. Stick with me here, even if the very word meditate makes you uncomfortable!

I’m sure you have read about the benefits of regular meditation – if you want a quick reminder, here’s a link

There is now so much scientific evidence for the benefits of regular meditation that it can no longer be dismissed as “whoo-whoo”!

Meditation is not about sitting for hours trying to empty your mind.  At its simplest it’s about finding a moment of calm and space and connection in the present.  Meditation is like everything in life – there is no one type that suits everyone, and the more you do it the more you will feel the benefits.

Try and think for a moment what type of person you are.  Are you kinetic – always on the go, needing to move? Are you sensory – finding joy in the smell and taste and feel of things?  Are you a daydreamer – always lost in an imaginary world, drifting in the heavens?  Are you a naturalist – finding solace in nature, or in gardening?  These are just some examples that can lead to trying out different meditation styles to suit you. For example, a kinetic person will find it very hard to sit still to meditate, so finding something that incorporates a repetitive movement might be more helpful.

Try starting with 5 minutes- that’s not daunting!!  Even those of you trying to work from home and look after kids and a zillion other things can find 5 minutes each day!!  And actually if you have children you can meditate with them.  Some schools are teaching meditation techniques, so you may find if you ask your kids they might be able to teach you (which they will love!).

With meditation, committing to even 5 mins a day, every day, is better than doing it for 35 mins once a week.  Try to make it a habit, at the same time each day and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Some good online resources are: