Our bodies are designed for movement. Modern lifestyles are increasingly sedentary and our bodies are stuck in a series of still right angles for much of the day as we sit at our desks, with our necks craning forward as we concentrate on screens.  We wonder why our digestion doesn’t work as it should, why our backs ache, our necks and shoulders are so tight, our joints creak. 

Our lymphatic system, which makes up an essential part of our natural immunity to disease, relies on our muscles moving to work efficiently.

When we do exercise, we are often aggressive with our bodies, pushing ourselves as far as possible in a short window of time.  We go for the burn, try and dissipate our stress through sweat.  There is nothing wrong with physical exertion but constantly going from zero to hundred and back to zero again without a recovery strategy can cause inflammation, adrenal stress and joint and tendon issues.  

As both an ex sprinter and someone worked in the corporate world for many years, I understand the effects of both too much training and too little movement on the body. 

I’m a qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer, and can develop holistic training schedules that take into account your lifestyle, your abilities and your limitations to create challenging but supportive programmes to get you moving and feeling less stuck.