Loving kindness (metta) meditation

1. Find a comfortable position. Bringing awareness to your heart space, place a hand on your chest.  Inhale, Exhale. As you continue to breathe, recite the following phrases: May I be filled with loving-kindness, May I be safe from inner and outer dangers, May I be peaceful in body and mind, May I be happy…

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Spending Time in Nature

      Spending time in nature has the following effects: Improves your short term memory Restores your mental energy Relieves stress Reduces inflammation Improves your vision Improves your concentration Sharpens your thinking and creativity Possibly affects your anti-cancer abilities Boosts your immune system Improves your mental health Reduces the risk of early death Read…


Sharing a link to hormone regulation

I like this article from Irene Ross.  Hormones are chemical messengers in the body and nothing works well if we have too little or too much of them. By eating well and living well we allow our bodies to naturally self regulate the way they should.  

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Acupuncture & lavender oil

An interesting article today on by Brandon LaGreca, looking at the use of lavender essential oil on an acupuncture point to promote deep relaxation.  The point is on the san jiao channel (sometimes known as the triple heater or triple burner). SJ17, or Yifeng is found just behind the earlobe.  Worth trying a dab of lavender…

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Time to think about Vitamin D

In the UK, we are in about the 4th month where the sun’s UVB rays are not strong enough for us to manufacture our own Vitamin D, even on days when the sun shines.  It is a good idea to think about supplementing Vitamin D until March/April when the sun gets a bit stronger.  Vitamin…



“A Child’s Vision” by Alfred Noyes (1880- 1958) Under the sweet-peas I stood And drew deep breaths, they smelt so good. Then, with strange enchanted eyes, I saw them change to butterflies. Higher than the skylark sings I saw their fluttering crimson wings Leave their garden-trellis bare And fly into the upper air. Standing in an…